Bolton MOT

If you’re looking for an MOT in the Bolton area, well you’re in the right place! Approved Garages has a number of quality garages in and around Bolton!

Getting your car an MOT is extremely important. Not only is a legal necessity for all road vehicles but if you don’t have an MOT and you’re driving a vehicle on the road, your insurance isn’t valid and you could be looking at a hefty fine should you be stopped.

If you were to have a serious accident and your vehicle didn’t have a valid MOT you would be in serious trouble. By law every vehicle must have a valid MOT certificate (which as a standard lasts for 12 months).

VOSA are the people behind the MOT. VOSA are the government department for Vehicle and Operator Services Agency. They were set up to provide a safety net for drivers, cars, roads and the environment. So if you do have an accident and your vehicle doesn’t have a valid MOT then it is classed as dangerous. So as you’d imagine if you don’t have an MOT an you are involved in an accident this is very bad indeed!

Thankfully there are a number of Approved Garages in the Bolton area, they provide everything from car services, parts but more importantly MOT tests. Some Approved Garages also offer extra services such as MOT notifications which provide you with a small reminder approximately a month prior to your MOT test. This way there is very little chance you can forget to get your vehicle an MOT certificate.